about show

SYNCOPATION is the only truly integrated play with dance in the world. It is an extraordinary achievement of playwriting which uses music and dance dramatically in every scene. Music and dance are integral to the delightful complexity between Henry and Anna, and the telling of their fascinating story. In a virtuoso performance as a playwright, Allan Knee interweaves music, dance and dialogue into a single whole – carrying us on wings of Henry and Anna’s passion and promise.

In SYNCOPATION, Henry and Anna’s dialogue (spoken, not chanted) is often layered with dance and music – demanding extraordinary performances and physical stamina from the actors who must execute choreography while embodying the emotions and thoughts of the characters in every single moment – and making it seem spontaneous at the same time. Moreover, they need to “act” the development as a ballroom dancing couple – going from downright clumsy to dancing “out the common place, into the rare” - to steal a line from KISMET. And the meeting of Anna and Henry is Kismet indeed!

The demands and delights of SYNCOPATION are lifted further by the fact that these two actors must perform the entire play – there are no other cast members. To say that these actors and their director have a Herculean task is no understatement. The achievement of this task is a production that reaches the sublime: a production to be savoured for years to come – a benchmark of artistry and entertainment.