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caught up in the surging optimism and rhythm of 1912 New York City, Henry Ribolow, a driven Jewish meatpacker and Anna Bianchi, a proper but restless Italian Catholic seamstress, meet to try to become a ballroom dancing team. From the moment Anna summons the courage to knock on the door of Henry´s dusty rented room, sparks fly.

SYNCOPATION is their story of yearning, heartache, humor and triumph of the human spirit. A stand out success throughout the United States, SYNCOPATION is one of those rare, truly magical nights of musical theatre.

“The reviews are out, SYNCOPATION is a HIT!”... Read the reviews

Interviews with Director Stephen Lloyd Helper and Performer Emma Palmer:
The Age - Dance moves follow the heart
The Herald Sun - It's a Big Step

Choreography by Mark Hodge (DANCING WITH THE STARS)
Directed by Broadway´s Stephen Lloyd Helper
Starring Justin Stewart Cotta (Bell Shakespeare's KING LEAR)
and Emma Palmer (Sydney Theatre Company’s TOT MOM)

Produced by The Follies Company in association with Auspicious Arts Projects

Music by The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra - Title: Slow Drag 1917