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s compelling love story that … promenades, foxtrots and tangos to life. Mouzakis and Palmer bring extraordinary force, delicate humour and emotional nuance to their characters. Inspired! Compelling!” - The Age, 13 Sep 2010

“Director Stephen Lloyd Helper and Choreographer Mark Hodge have successfully brought Knee’s vision to life. In a synergetic partnership, they have blocked dance and dramatic action together in a seamless blend. Highest praise goes to the two lead actors. Their achievements in making the combination of acting and dancing seem effortless are astounding.”
- Simon Parris,
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“This is no flash-in-the-pan, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am piece of theatre. Every minute of those three hours has a purpose. The choreography sits beautifully beside the dialogue as a complementary device, allowing the tension and chemistry to speak through movement. This love story is complete, touching and memorable.” - Gemma King, RHUM ‘4 out of 5 stars’
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“Syncopation isn´t only about love…it is a tale of liberation and possibility, fulfilment and frustration, illusion and disillusionment. Nothing about Knee´s play is cliché…with charm and grace, it dances into the audience´s heart.”
- Martin F. Kohn – Detroit Free Press

“Allan Knee creates an intensely human love story that zigs and zags from discovery to withdrawal, and from passion to repression. The comedy is rich in this impressive material. Syncopation pays off with a big jackpot.”
- Damien Jacques – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Music by Leon Bates (The Best of Gershwin) - Title: Piano Prelude 2